An apartment library near Acropolis

  • Interiors
  • Project Architect: Natalia Bazaiou
  • Status: Under Construction
  • Date: 2020
  • Location: Acropolis
  • Collaborators: Vasia Lekka (Architect)
  • Client: private
Have you ever smelled a book?
Which one smells better,
a new book or an old book?

Did you know that if you keep your favourite book,
Near your pillow at the night
All those who live in the books come alive,
Just to guard you and protect you!

Books are portals to magical world
They can sing, they can dance, and even talk to us,
But to see all that you really really really
have to believe in magic.

Soma Mukherjee - In The Magical Land Of Library
-The aim was to create a multi-functional sculptural library, made of materials that interact creatively with the inter-war architecture of the apartment -