A swinging little library

  • Project Architect: Natalia Bazaiou
  • Status: Architectural Competition
  • Date: 2016
  • Collaborators: Thanassis Fotou (Civil Engineer)

Why not considering reading a book as a playful activity? This low-cost 2-in-1 simple construction is simple to assemble and to install and it fits within a small flat carton box. The final product weighs (when packed) less than 19kg. Materials are environmentally conscious. It can accommodate the Little Free Library charter sign and it holds around 80 books, even of unusual shapes and sizes. It has two compartments, separating children from adults, both easily accessible by all. It has a plexiglass see-through top cover with curved edges for water proofing. Magnetic door catches are optional. The back side with plant pockets is used as a small vertical garden, providing local herbs and ornamental plants.

Through their contact with a seating and swinging seat that also serves as a library, children associate the time dedicated to reading books with positive emotions. Also, the differentiated and unexpected use of the swing creates a multi-sensory experience of surprise, pleasure, delight, aromas of nature.