Apartment building in Chalandri

  • Residential
  • Project Architect: Natalia Bazaiou
  • Status: In Progress
  • Date: 2020
  • Size: 350 m2
  • Location: Chalandri
  • Collaborators: Alexis Kloukinas (Civil Engineer)

The 5-storey apartment building in Chalandri, concerns a composition of different apartments with various squarefootage and specifications. Already from the start of the architectural synthesis, the main axes of the plot followed the optimal orientation of the solar movement. The green semi-outdoor spaces have a basic key role in the house plan’s function, thus composing a life scenario in relation to the closed-open space alteration. The play of different levels and openings on the facades, create an interesting morphology, which avoids the sense of monolithicity. The basic material of the construction is concrete,with metal construction detailson all the building’s facades. The balconies, the suspended architectural elements, the red metal circular staircase of the 4thfloor, the transparent surfaces (glass, perforated grid), give a light sense of micro-scale in the multi-storey building. The green also dominates the main façade of the building, because it exists on multiple levels: on the ground floor, on the outdoor space of each apartment, on the metal façade of the stairwell volume and on the roof. The staircase stands out from the main building, thus functionsas a ‘lever’ in the structure of the different apartments, while the choice of materials transforms the staircase volume into a lightweight construction.