BOOX : An installation about Books and Architecture

  • Date: 2015
  • Size: 4,40 sq.m

Boox is a mobile and assembled space that can be transferred around elementary schools and has a double role: that of a library as well as that of enjoyable surroundings, which enhances reading as a pleasurable and joyful experience. It targets mainly schools, in which the relation between children and books is currently marginalized.

Boox does not propose a specific way of usage. Instead, children can use it in any way they choose, creating in this way their own spatial narrations. The flowing structure of BOOX disrupts the established meanings of library, reading room, opening and entrance. Everything is diffused, calling for exploration. Through their contact with a space that allows freedom in usage, children associate the time dedicated to reading books with positive emotions. Also, the differentiated and unexpected spatial experience, stimulates their natural inquisitiveness about what really architecture is and how it can literally transform the quality of our lives and our activities.

BOOX can be considered an assault to the contradiction within the Greek educational system, which although it claims that it targets the contact with books, it does not in fact set the creative preconditions to achieve this claim. BOOX promotes architecture and book-reading from the margin to the foreground.