Eisenstein’s Story-Board Summerhouse in Anafi

  • Project Architect: Natalia Bazaiou Konstantinos Dimas
  • Status: Architectural Competition
  • Date: 2013
  • Location: Anafi, Cyclades

Narrative structure of the House

This house links montage technique with architecture. The result is an architecture of juxtaposition and an experience of space through movement. At the same time, the spatial experience generated by the axis, is also a typical experience of Cycladic architecture.

The user’s eye, like a shifting camera, moves between planes, floors, ceilings, views of the cliff, basin’s water, sea. The building is not being perceived as a whole but as a montage sequence. The movement across the shifting axes, the change and changeability of viewpoints, the oblique views of spaces create a shot by shot design that constitutes the basic principle of visual dramaturgy. Every frame of this sequence constitutes an element that finds its answer in the next frame. The experience of the house produces eventually a whole scenario choreographed by the user, in a way a film maker effects in a film’s montage. In contrast to the usual static or linear views of a building, the user -Eisenstein- would be at the same time spectator and participant in the kaleidoscopic spectacle of his house experience.