Survival Manual Installation

  • Installation
  • Project Architect: Natalia Bazaiou Anastasia Noukaki Niovi Stavropoulou
  • Date: 2017

The Installation is about the life of homeless people in streets of big cities, that sometimes resembles a maze that excludes them and sometimes resembles a crossroad that offers opportunities. This condition merges with the inner world of sentiments and memories of people that have experienced the loss of a shelter.

Personal stories unravel in the inner parts of the installation, thus symbolizing a condition of secure and stability that permits the emotional opening and the sense of self.

The outer part looks inhospitable. People are passing by. The inner part oscillates, sometimes hardly discernible, sometimes being into focus, like people longing for sharing and recognition.

The material of the installation is the outcome of a series of art workshops by with the participation of people that live under poverty or are homeless.