The House with the Grandpa's Well

  • Project Architect: Natalia Bazaiou
  • Status: Under Construction
  • Size: 160 sq.m. / 520 sq.m. total plot area
  • Location: Methana-Troizinia
  • Contractor: Thanassis Fotou Nikitas Panopoulos
  • Collaborators: Alkestie Skarlatou (Architect & lighting designer) Yiota Chaliazi (Architect & landscape designer) Petros Petrou (Civil Engineer)
  • Client: Private

This project consists of a small studio and a two-storey house. These two houses are the property of two different, however related families. So, the issues of vicinity-privacy-accessibility have been key words for the designing of the houses, as well as of the landscape. Our aim was the continual communication between the two houses on the one hand and a continual flow of movement and of usage of the landscape. This happens in a way that permits the users of the two houses to be separated when this is desirable.

The bottom line of the project design is the concept of Boundary. This has been handled by the manipulation of the concepts surface-volume, that have been repeated in various forms and scales, serving multiple functional matters and restating the boundary between the “protective” inside and the “invader” outside.